Linnels Mill

Linnels Mill (c) Duncan Hutt

Linnels Mill (c) Duncan Hutt

One of the stone nuts (c) Duncan Hutt

One of the stone nuts (c) Duncan Hutt

Work has been ongoing at Linnels Mill near Hexham over the summer to produce a detailed conservation plan for Linnels Mill.  Duncan Hutt, NEMG Chairman, has been part of the team which has made a detalied assessment of the mill.  Machinery has been looked at piece by piece and the building fabric has also been studied.  The work, which is being assisted by English Heritage, has also built on dating work on some of the timbers.  A much more detailed understanding of the mill and its history has come out of the work and some fascinating insights into this small rural corm mill have come about.  There are some very interesting and very important survivors in the mill including an oat roasting kiln and an early pearl barley machine.

The mill is privately owned and not open to visitors but there will be an opportunity for members to look around as part of the 2013 Autumn visits and AGM (see news page for more details).

A report on the mill from 1999 is available here.

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