Mill Research

The North East Mills Group published a significant amount of information on local mills between 1997 and 2013.  Selected articles will appear here as they are added.

The Mills of Aycliffe

Bishop’s Mill, Durham and power for the ice rink

Bolton Mill – Some Millers

Boltsburn Mill (Rookhope)

Chimney Windmill, Newcastle

Coalmills – the use of watermills in our local mines

Cotton Mills in the North East

Dipton Mill, Northumberland

East Mill, Morpeth

The Hauxwells (Millwrights) of Durham City

Hexham’s Two Windmills

Pandon Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, the Watermills

Pinfold House Mill, Daddry Shield, Weardale

Stockton’s Lost Windmills

Ushaw Mill (The Windmill of Esh Leaves)

Wall Mill, River North Tyne

Whittle Mill, Ovingham, Northumberland

Yarm Windmill – The Appleton family

Additional research on mills in the region has also been carried out over the years some of these sources will be made available over time too.

Eric Griffith – A History of Northumberland Water Mills

Below are links to other research on local mills on the region:

The Bow Well water scheme in Norham



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