Denwick Mill

Denwick or Peter Eadington’s Mill – NU208129.

Although has been razed to the ground there are some photographs and pictures in existence and this mill also was featured in the “Northumberland Gazette” in 1968.

In 1827 James Eadington is shewn as the miller.  Peter Eadington appears in 1841 as miller.  He must have been a popular figure locally as the mill site is even now known as Peter Eadington’s Mill.  It is known that he built a footbridge over the river beside the ford.  This bridge was later renewed by the County Council but this has now gone.  Old photographs shew rough stepping stones as well as the bridge(1).   The stones have now been replaced by stout concrete blocks and whilst hardly things of beauty do give the visitor one of the rare opportunities in the County of crossing a river by stepping stones although when I made the crossing in February 1972 I had to climb over a large tree which had been washed down river and had lodged between two of the steps just over halfway across.

From the evidence available there was a weir across the Aln and a leat taking the water to an undershot wheel.  The mill had a square kiln with a perforated fireclay floor.  Small pieces can still be seen lying about.

Denwick Mill

Denwick Mill (1920s)

The mill was working until about 1920 but the building was demolished in 1925 as it was regarded as dangerous.  The weir was removed in 1951 to assist land drainage.

1827  James Eadington. Miller
1841  Peter Eadington.  Miller
1855  ?  James Eadington
1887  David Eadington

(1) Newcastle Journal, 21 December 1982.  Bridging a 35 year gap.  Councillors are pressing for a new footbridge at Peter’s Mills, Alnwick – 35 years after the old one was swept away by floods.
The picnic area has been serves by concrete stepping stones since 1947, but Alnwick District Council members now want them replaced.
(Peter’s Mill is actually Denwick Mill and was locally known as Peter’s Mill after Peter Eadington who built the first footbridge).

From:  Griffith, E. P. 1972. A History of Northumberland Water Mills (unpublished)

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  2. John Scott says:

    Most of the kids of Alnwick spent some happy School holidays at Peters Mill.

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