Dipton Mill

Grid Reference NY929610

The mill is now the Dipton Mill Inn.  It stands by the West Dipton burn and is described in the N.C.H. vol. IV as ‘standing on the high road between Hexham and Whitley, one of the numerous ancient mills of the regality’.

The mill is recorded in 1583 when Eleanor, wife of John Errington and daughter of Joh Trirlwall, paid a fine on her admittance by the lord of the Manor as tenant on the Court Rolls of the mill.  It is uncertain who owned the mill immediately after this date.

In 1699 George Douglas, who may only have been a tenant, was charged with taking unlawful moulter at Dipton Mill ‘he having taken half a peck out of a bowl of oats after they were dried, which, according to the goodness of the corn, would be something ye 1/10th or 1/12th part of the whole, whereas by custom he ought to have but the 1/18th part’.

The relative volume of the H.C.H. published in 1897 states ‘the inn here has been recently rebuilt out of the stones of the adjacent and now demolished onstead of Nicholas-hall’.

Sykes ‘Local Record’ of 1832, records that, on 4th December, 1783 a fire broke out at Dipton Mill, near Hexham, which entirely consumed the same, together with a drying kiln, the dwelling house, and out houses adjoining it.  This fire most probably saw the end of the corn mill for, in 1827, the County Directory shews Betty Forster as victualler at the Fox and Lamb at Dipton Mill and, in 1855, Thomas Thompson is shewn as the victualler at Dipton Mill.


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