Greenside Mill

This is an interesting and romantically placed ruin being a short walk across a field from Lowlinn Mill.

All that remains are some outer walls and the wheel pit.  The steps down to the wheel shaft can be seen and the nuts and bolts which held the shaft and bedding are still in position.  At a short distance is a pond, fed from the Lickerdean burn, from which runs a leat to carry the water to an overshot wheel.

The mill location is within Kyloe parish and the only reference found to its length of existence is an entry in the “Yearly Value of ye Lands &c 1670-1” where appears, Mr Nicholson’s lands with Greenside Mill… £45.0.0., and a record that William Sibbitt was miller in 1827.  There is no mention after that date so the mill must have ceased over one hundred years ago.

From:  Griffith, E.P. c1970. A History of Northumberland Water Mills.  Unpublished