Snitter Mill

“The mill at Snitter appears in 1293 when John Frebern of Cartington sued the millers of Rothbury and Snitter concerning his right of multure in Chirland (possibly Chirnells, a district on the borders of Snitter and Cartington).
In a survey of 1622 this was one of the three local mills ‘whereat tenants of the lordship are bound to grind their corne, and thereto to lead wood and stones’. Snitter was a dependent township of the manor of Rothbury from the thirteenth century.
The water corn-mill, in 1702, appears to have paid the Collector of Rents at Rothbury a yearly rent of 13s.4d. ‘peo sed, mulctur de Cartington ad molend de Snytter’.
1827 Thomas Amery miller
1841 & 1855 Robert Orpeth miller
1887 John Orr miller”

From: Griffith, E.P. 1974. A history of Northumberland Water Mills. Unpublished.

Directory entries:
1828 Thomas Amery Farmer (and corn miller) Parson & White
1855 Robert Orpeth Miller Whellans
1858 Robert Orpeth Miller Kelly’s
1864 Robert Orpeth Miller Slater
1879 John Joshua Tennent & John Orr
Millers and farmers Kelly’s
1897 Mrs Mary Orr (the trustees of the late)
Miller (water) & farmer Kelly’s
1902 William Orr Miller (water) & farmer Kelly’s
1910 William Orr Miller (water) & farmer Kelly’s
1925 Joseph Dolson & Sons Farmer Kelly’s