A list of some of the millers and their mills in the region.  The list is being compiled from a number of sources including local trade directories.
1762 records come from the Militia Lists for the County of Northumberland.
1801, 1827, 1855, 1887, 1925 are all local trade directories.

Aitchison, George. 1827. Norham Mill. Corn miller and farmer
Allen, John. 1887. Hazelrigg Mill.  Farmer and miller.
Amery, Thomas. 1827. Snitter Mill
Anderson, John. 1762. Miller (infirm of arm) at Meldon
Anderson, John.  1827.  miller and farmer, Barrow Mill
Anderson, Michael. 1762. ‘Servant’ to John Anderson at Meldon
Armstrong, John. 1827. Ingram Mill
Atkinson, Robert. 1855. Ancroft Mill, Miller and farmer
Avery, John. 1887. Holburn Mill, Miller and farmer [see also ‘Havery, George’]
Barber, William Turnbull. Canno Mill
Barnes, Simpson.  1893.  Boldon Windmill
Bawhinney, John. 1714-35. Whiskershiel[d] Mill
Bawhinney, Gilbert.  1698.  Girslees [Grasslees] Mill.  Wife Isabel died that year
Beal, Thomas. 1841. Hazon Mill
Bell, James. 1762. Haugh Mill [Felton]
Billton, John. 1762. Miller at Woodhorn
Blair, Thomas. 1762. Innkeeper and Miller at Newminster [Morpeth]
Bolam, Charles. 1827. Millshields Mill
Bowden, George. 1762. Miller at Bothal
Bowden, James. 1788-96. Bothal Mill
Bridon, William. 1762. Burnstones Mill
Brown, Ann. 1852-65.  Wylam Mill
Brown, John. 1851. Wylam Mill
Brown, Ted. c1900-c20.  Leap Mill (Burnopfield)
Brown, William. 1762. Miller at Chipchase Mill
Brown, William. 1762. Miller at Doddington
Buddle, Redhead and Nelson, 1801, Millers and corn factors, Walker
Burnett, John. 1841. Earle Mill
Burrell, Jane (Mrs). 1887. Berryburn Mill. Miller and farmer.
Burrell, Robert.  1827-55. Doddington Mill
Bywell, John. 1841. Low House Mill & 1851-61.  Burnstones Mill
Bywell, Mary. 1871. Burnstones Mill
Bywell, Thomas. 1871-91. Burnstones Mill
Carr, John. 1887. Little Mill Rothbury
Carter, John. 1887. Bridge Mill [Ancroft]. Farmer and corn miller
Charleton, John.  1855.  Brinkburn Mill
Charlton, John. 1762. Hermitage Mill [Hexham]
Cockburn, William. 1855. Fenton Mill
Colville, John. 1925. Felton Park Mill
Cook, Robert. 1887. Doddington Mill.  Farmer and miller.
Cornett, William. 1827-55. Fenham Mill.
Coulson, Thomas.  1815.  Tocketts Mill
Coulter, Alexander. 1887. Coldstream Mill.  Miller, carter and farmer
Cowens, James. 1762. Miller at Prudhoe Castle Mill
Coxon, Edward, 1861-1881, Bilton Mill
Coxon, Thomas. 1887. Rock Mill
Coxon, William. 1834. Miller, Crag Mill
Coxon, William. 1861. Brinkburn Mill
Craig, Andrew.  1841.  Corn miller, Lowick Mill
Craig, Andrew. 1855. Berryburn Mill. Miller and farmer
Craig, Robert. 1855. Corn miller, Lowick Mill
Crozier, John. 1827. Lanton Mill
Curry, Isabel. 1887. Corn miller, Fenham Mill
Darnell John & Co. 1801. Flour merchants, new mills near Gallowgate
Dayson, John (70). 1851.  Barhaugh Mill
Dayson, William (25). 1841.  Barhaugh Mill  & 1851 Low House Mill
Dean, Matthew.  1887.  Croxdale Mill
Dean, Thomas.  1887.  Croxdale Mill
Deirning, John, 1851. Grocer and corn miller, Denton Mill (County Durham)
Dixon, James. 1881-7. Bolton Mill. With wife, Elizabeth and daughter, Mary.
Dixon, John. 1925. Bolton Mill
Dixon, Matthew. 1855-87. Hazon Mill
Dixon, Matthew. 1887. Morwick Mill.  Farmer and miller
Dixon, Thomas, 1801. Miller Windmill-hills Gateshead
Dodd, James. 1855.  Canno Mill.  Farmer and miller.
Dodd, Alex. 1925. Lesbury Roller Flour Mills
Dodds, Allan Fletcher. 1868. Bolton Mill.  Married Mary Wanless in 1868
Dodds, Edmund. 1887. Twizel Mill. Miller and farmer
Dodds, R.. 1925. West Thurston Mill
Eadington, Adam.  1841.  Lemmington Mill
Eadington, David. 1887. Denwick Mill
Eadington, James.  1827-41. Bilton Mill
Eadington, James.  1841.  Denwick Mill
Eadington, John.  1855.  Bilton Mill
Eadington, Mary. 1902.  Denwick Mill
Eadington, Peter.  1897.  Denwick Mill
Edmondson, John. 1827. Hazelrigg Mill
Egglestone, William, 1851. Corn miller Slateford Mill (Cornforth)
English, Thomas.  1887.  farmer and miller, Lemmington Mill
Farthing, George.  1861.  Croxdale Mill
Farthing, George. 1871. Croxdale Mill
Farthing, Jane. 1864.  Croxdale Mill
Finn, David. 1762. Miller of Houndean Mill
Ford, Alexander. 1827.  Corn miller, Lowick Mill
Ford, Alexander. 1841-55. Hazelrigg Mill.  Farmer and miller
Forrest, Walter. 1827. Newtown Mills (Chillingham)
Forrest, William. 1855. Newtown Mills (Chillingham)
Forster, Thomas. 1663. Whittle Mill
Forsyth, P.. 1925. Morwick Mill
Gibbon, William, 1801. Flour dealer and miller, Jackson’s chare, Gateshead
Gibson, Ralph, 1851. Farmer and corn miller, Carlbury Mill
Gilholme, E. (Mrs). 1925. Lucker Mill
Glass, John. 1827. Coupland Mill.
Grey, Isaac. 1881. Leap Mill (Burnopfield)
Grey, Ralph. 1841. Cornhill Mill.  Farmer and miller
Hadrick, Henry. 1851. Corn miller and farmer, Brafferton Mill
Hadrick, John. 1851. Corn miller and farmer, Brafferton Mill
Hall, George. 1827. Farmer and corn miller, North Charlton Mill
Hall, John. 1855. Lanton Mill. Farmer and miller
Hall, Charles. 1925. Whitley Mill
Hall, Thomas. 1855. Lanton Mill. Farmer and miller
Hall, William.  1841. Falloden Mill
Hardwick, John William.  1897.  Clock Mill [Capheaton]
Havery, George. 1827-55. Holburn Mill. Joiner and corn miller
Hedley, Thomas.  1855.  miller and farmer, Barrow Mill
Henderson, David. 1762. Kilham Mill
Herdman, Robert.  1827. Lesbury Mill
Heron, William. 1332. Kilham Mill
Heseltine, George.  1854-72.  Tocketts Mill
Hewatson, John. 1762. Low House Mill
Hills, John. 1762.  Shipley Mill
Hindhaugh, Richard. 1869-73.  Bothal Mill;  c1873. Woodhorn Windmill
Hindhaugh, Robert.  1855.  Miller and farmer, North Charlton Mill. (buried Ellingham)
Hindhaugh, Robert. c1873.  Woodhorn Windmill
Hogg, James. 1925. Fleetham Mill
Hunter, George. 1925. Thrum Mill [Rothbury]
Hunter, Joseph. 1827. Berryburn Mill
Hunter, Thomas.  1827.  Callaly Mill
Johnson, James. 1827. Ancroft Mill
Johnstone, Joseph. 1925. Bardon Mill
Kidd, George, 1801. Miller, Borough-mill, Gateshead
Kilburn, John, 1851. Corn miller and farmer, Fishburn. (Farmer at Brakes, Bradbury)
Linn, William. 1827. Mindrum Mill
Lisle, George. 1827. Linnels Mill
Lloyd, Tristram, 1801. Millwright and miller, Barras-bridge
Loiver, Joseph. 1877-1855. Holystone Mill
Lovatt, Edward. 1925. Nunwick Mill
Lowry, Joseph. 1762. Miller of Keepwick Mill
Luke, George. 1855.  Earle Mill.  Farmer and miller
McGregor, John. 1827-1855. Bridge Mill [Ancroft]. Farmer and corn  miller
Mable, William. 1827.  Canno Mill
Main, Ignatius. 1855. Brock Mill [Haggerston]
Marr, John. 1792-1804. Tocketts Mill
Martin Thomas, 1876-86 Croxdale Mill & 1886-1901 Market Place Mill Durham
Martin, Thomas Robert, 1919-29 Market Place Mill Durham
Martin, William. 1876.  Croxdale Mill
Maughan, Christopher. 1925. Woodhall Mill
Mills, George, 1801. Miller, near Windmill-hills, Gateshead
Milburn, Edward.  1865-c1900.  Wylam Mill
Milburn, Joseph. 1762. Miller at Low Angerton [Hartburn]
Mills, John.  1827-55.  cartwright and miller (miller and joiner 1855), Edlingham Mill
Moody, William. 1885.  Fulwell Mill
Moon, John, 1851. Corn miller and farmer, Thinford Mill
Moore, Daniel.  1766. Tocketts Mill
Nairn, Phillip & Sons. 1827-41.  Spindleston Mill
Nixon, Christopher. 1877-87.  Tocketts Mill
Oliver, Mr. 1846.  Croxdale Mill
Oliver, William. 1762. Miller at Wylam
Orpeth, Robert. 1841-55. Snitter Mill
Orr, John. 1887. Snitter Mill
Oxen, Robert. 1760. Plessey Mill
Oxen, Robert. 1785. Windmiller Hartley Pans & Scaffold Hill Windmill
Oxley, John. 1762. Miller at Benwell
Oxley, Joseph, 1762. Miller at Benwell
Pattinson, Mary. 1835-51. Miller at Tocketts Mill
Pattinson, Thomas.  1827. Tocketts Mill
Pearson, Henry. 1762. Miller at Welton
Phillips, David.  1855.  Cornhill [persumably at Cornhill Mill]
Purvis, William. 1827. Abberwick Mill
Renton, Ralph. 1925. Hazelrigg Mill
Richardson, Adam. 1827. Little Mill Rothbury
Richardson, Adam. 1855. Coupland Mill.  Miller and farmer
Richardson, Andrew. 1925. Low Brinkburn (Longframlington)
Richardson, George. 1925. Low Brinkburn (Longframlington)
Richardson, George, 1827. Earle Mill
Richardson, James. 1841-55. Little Mill Rothbury
Richardson, Mary. 1827. Riding Mill (victualler and corn miller)
Richley, William. 1762. Miller at Corbridge
Rickaby, John, 1851. Corn miller, Coniscliffe [High Coniscliffe Mill?]
Ridley, William. 1841-81.  Lintley Mill
Robinson, George.  1855.  corn miller, Bolton Mill
Robinson, Robert, 1851. Corn miller and farmer, Bradbury Mill
Robinson, William.  1841.  corn miller, Bolton Mill
Robson, George. 1841. Abberwick Mill
Robson, John. 1762. Miller at Ridley Mill
Robson, John.  1848. Market Place Mill, Durham
Rochester, John. 1828.  Clock Mill [Capheaton]
Rochester, Richard. 1855.  Clock Mill
Rowntree, Joseph. 1887-1900. Tocketts Mill
Sandylands, Jospeth. 1762. Morwick Mill
Seaton, William. 1900.  Tocketts Mill
Sharp, Thomas.  1827.  corn miller, Thrunton Mill
Sharp, Thomas.  1827-55. Miller at Rock Mill
Sharprowe [or Sharperoe], John. 1567-1608[?]. Riding Mill
Shell, James. 1855-87. Abberwick Mill (James Shell & Sons) Farmers and millers
Shell, John. 1925. Abberwick Mill
Shepherd, ?, 1801. Miller, Pandon-dean
Short, Henry. 1841-55. Etal Mill
Short, H.O. & Son.  1887. Spindleston Mill
Short, Leonard.  1855.  Miller at Embleton Mill
Short, Samuel. 1840s.  Coldgate Mill.  Died 12 Dec 1850
Sibbitt, John. 1855. Allerdean Mill
Sibbitt, William, 1827. Greenside Mill
Simmons, John. 1827. Brock Mill [Haggerston]
Simmons, Robert. 1887. Newtown Mills [Chillingham]
Simpson, Christopher. 1762. Miller of the Linnels Mill
Simpson, John. 1762. Morwick Mill
Simpson, John. 1841. Burnstones Mill
Simpson, John. 1827-55. Morwick Mill (also flour dealer in Warkworth)
Siward, ?, 1234.  Bolton Mill
Smart, George. 1855. Corn miller, Humbleton Mill
Smart, Margaret. 1841. Miller, Humbleton Mill
Smart, Robert. 1887. Farmer and miller, Humbleton Mill
Smith, Christopher. 1827.  Etal Mill
Smith, Thomas.  1851.  Market Place Mill Durham
Spearman, Edward.  1793-1834.  Sheapwash Mill [also known as Cleasewell Mill]
Spearman, James. 1829-35.  Birney Hill Mill; 1852-68.  Bothal Mill
Spearman (Spurman), John. 1788.  Humford Mill
Spearman, Margaret, 1869-77. Bothal Mill
Spearman, Richard.  1801-18. Bothal Mill
Spearman, Richard Robert. 1871.  Bothal Mill
Spearman, Robert. 1818-51. Bothal Mill
Spragern, Henry. 1762. Miller at Haugh [Stamfordham]
Stenhouse, John. 1887. Earle Mill.  Farmer and miller
Storey, John.  1828. Whitburn Mill
Strother, Luke. 1762. Miller at Healy [Hartburn]
Sunley, William.  1851-61.  Leap Mill (Burnopfield)
Suthern, Isaac. 1762. Morwick Mill
Swanson, Thomas.  1855. miller, Thrunton Mill
Swanson, William.  1841-55.  miller, Thrunton Mill
Tait, Robert. 1827. Lesbury Mill
Taylor, George. 1825 Windmill, Mill Field, Seaton Sluice
Taylor, Henry. 1830. Hartley House Mill Farm
Taylor, Joseph. 1760. Adderstone Mill
Taylor, Joseph. 1799.  Mill near Hartley
Taylor, Robert. 1566-70. Ridley Mill
Taylor, Robert. 1820.  Hartley (water) Mill
Taylor, Thomas. 1790. Hartley Windmill
Taylor, Thomas. 1811. Old Mill (Hartley)
Taylor, William.  1602-08. Ridley Mill [son of Robert Taylor]
Taylor, William. 1820. Windmiller (Hartley or Seaton Sluice)
Thew, A.H. 1887.  Lesbury Mill
Thew, Ed. 1841-55.  Lesbury Mill
Thompson, Alexander.  1827. West Learmouth Mill
Thompson, Alfred. 1925. Clock Mill [Capheaton]
Thompson, George, 1762. Humbleton Mill
Thompson, James.  1827.  Corn miller, Falloden Mill
Thompson, Richard. 1827.  Barley Mill [Etal]
Thompson, William.  1841.  Lesbury Mill
Trotter, Andrew. 1887.  Horncliffe Mill. Farmer and miller
Trotter, John. 1762.  Capheaton Mill (probably Clock Mill)
Trotter, John. 1855-86. Linnels Mill
Trotter, Thomas. 1841. Linnels Mill
Turnbull, Fenwick.  1827.  corn miller, Lemmington Mill
Turnbull, James. 1841-55. Twizel Mill
Turnbull, Joseph. 1762. Miller at Whalton
Turton, William.  1828.  Leap Mill (Burnopfield)
Urwin, Anthony, 1801. Miller, Shield-field
Venus, Ralph.  1827. Miller at Embleton Mill
Walker, Andrew. 1881. Bolton Mill
Walsh, George. 1887. West Learmouth Mill
Ward, George. 1762. Miller at Healey [Slaley]
Waters, Joseph.  1853.  Coldgate Mill.  Died 1873, buried at Ilderton
Waters, Joseph.  1915-25.  Coldgate Mill
Waters, Joseph. 1834. Mindrum Mill
Watson, Peter, 1801. Miller Gateshead
Watson, Robert. 1762. Miller at Ulgham
Watson, Thomas. 1827. Hazon Mill
Waugh, Andrew. 1841-55. Ingram Mill. Miller and farmer
Waugh, Edward J.. 1925. Humshaugh Mill
Whittin, John.  1663.  Edlingham Mill
Whittle, John.  1855.  corn miller, Lemmington Mill
Wigham, Jacob. 1861. Low Mill (Coanwood)
Wigham, Thomas. 1841-51. Low Mill (Coanwood)
Wigham, Thomas. 1871-91. Low Mill (Coanwood) [son of Jacob]
Wilkinson, William. 1841-55. Abbey Mill, Alnwick
Willis, Cuthbert. 1851. Corn miller, Ricknall Mill
Wilson, John. 1925. Guyzance Mill
Winter, John. 1855.  Cornhill (persumably at Cornhill Mill)
Wren, William.  1827.  corn miller, Bolton mill
Wood, John.  1779. Tocketts Mill
Young, Edward. c1900-c20. Wylam Mill
Younger, Andrew. 1925. Twizell Mill

10 Responses to Millers

  1. Rob Barker says:

    My ancestor Peter Atkinson and brother George Atkinson (Aitchison) were running Horncliffe Mill in 1827 (Persons & White Trade Directory 1827. Vol. 2 pages 341-343). Peter moved to run Ancroft Mill in about 1830 and was still there in 1841. You have his son Robert 1855 running it after him. He ran it from 1848 when his father died.

  2. Sue Slater says:

    Hi, I live in Australia & trying to find information on Hardwick Mill near Sedgefield where my Great x 5 Grandfather lived (& possibly worked). I would appreciate any advice on where to search please.

    • nemills says:

      I have looked on our database and unfortunately there is no background information on this mill. There are a number of sources of information on the mills in the region but sadly this mill is in a bit of a gap – I am aware of sources for mills on the River Wear and south of the River Tees but not here. If I come across anything I’ll pass it on.

  3. Sue Slater says:

    Thank you for your prompt reply & the effort you have gone to. I use & received a message that a comment had been posted on my GGGGG G/F’s headstone photograph, part of it said “Hardwick Mill was in Bishop Middleham, a few miles from Sedgefield. It was demolished in the 1950’s. It was a water mill and the rubble from it is still there. The original water course for the mill is still apparent, such a shame that these buildings get demolished”

  4. s hall says:

    My paternal great great grandfather was Joseph Thompson (known locally as Miller Thompson) who built Burtreeford Mill at Cowshill. The mill is now a private home.

  5. Colin Miller says:

    The Watson’s were corn millers at Tughall Mill and also West Fleetham Mill, Northumberland during the 19th Century. Can anyone give me any more information about them.

    • nemills says:

      A quote from Eric Griffith’s manuscript on the piece about West Fleetham Mill states:
      “1827 & 1855 Wm Watson miller.
      I am told that Wm. Watson was succeeded by Miss Watson and that a miller named Thompson took over after Miss Watson”.
      He records no 19th century miller at Tughall Mill.
      I’m afraid there is no more information given on the Watsons.

  6. Joanne Foley says:

    Thomas Herriott Tait was born at Grangeburn Mill in about 1817, his father was a miller at the time. The mill of which burnt down in 1852 (record for that on scotlands places).

  7. anrpko says:

    Good info. William Wren was also a shopkeeper in Alnwick according to Whites Directory of 1822 and 1827. Can you share the info you have related to William Wren as a corn miller?

    • thehutts says:

      Sorry, I suspect the information came from a trade directory in the first place. Most details have been obtained this way unless someone has done specific family research.

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