Durham Watermills

The following list of watermills in County Durham is not to be seen as a complete list of watermills in the county.  Other parts of the north east are given on separate pages.

The list is sorted by the closest place of a reasonable size.  Searching by the mill name may also help locate a particular mill.  First dates are first known dates; NK: Not Known

Gaunless Mill, Bishop Auckland, in 1965.  (c) Tom Hay

Gaunless Mill, Bishop Auckland, in 1965. (c) Tom Hay

Nearest Place Mill Name Grid Reference River/stream Use(s) First Date
Aycliffe Aycliffe Mill NZ286226 River Skerne Corn NK
Aycliffe Aycliffe Paper Mill NZ286222 River Skerne Paper NK
Aycliffe Brafferton Mill NZ285215 River Skerne Corn NK
Aycliffe Holme Mill NZ285218 River Skerne Corn NK
Barnard Castle Demesnes Flax Mill NZ057155 River Tees Flax NK
Barnard Castle Demesnes Mill NZ053158 River Tees Corn NK
Barnard Castle Egglestone Abbey Mill NZ064151 River Tees Corn, paper NK
Barnard Castle Lendings Mill NZ055155 River Tees Paper NK
Barnard Castle Saw Mill NZ048161 River Tees Saw 1827
Barnard Castle Thorngate Mill NZ049161 River Tees Corn 1827
Barnard Castle Ullathorne’s Mill NZ046165 River Tees NK NK
Beamish Beamish Corn Mill NZ221550 Beamish Burn Corn 1739
Beamish Beamish Hall Mill NZ214548 Beamish Burn Corn 1277
Beamish Beamish Water Pump NZ224539 Beamish Burn Pumping 1820
Beamish High Forge NZ226543 Beamish Burn Corn, Forge, Files 1720
Beamish Low Forge NZ226539 Beamish Burn Fulling, Forge 1717
Beamish Middle Forge NZ225541 Beamish Burn Bark Mill/Forge 1730
Beamish Mutton House Mill NZ218551 Beamish Burn Fulling 1720
Beamish Pockerley Flint Mill NZ225545 Beamish Burn Corn, Fulling, Saw, Flint 1180
Bedburn Bedburn Mill NZ101316 Bedburn Beck Bleach, Woollen, Saw 1408
Bedburn Harthope Mill NZ108322 Harthope Beck Corn NK
Bedburn Shull Saw Mill NZ093335 Saw NK
Bishop Auckland Deanery Mill NZ216283 River Gaunless Corn C17?
Bishop Auckland Foundry NZ202298 River Wear Cotton printing, Foundry, Fulling, Spinning 1300
Bishop Auckland Gaunless Mill NZ213299 River Gaunless Corn pre 1647
Bishop Auckland West Mill NZ203299 River Wear Corn 1183
Bournmoor Floaters Mill NZ311508 Lumley Park Burn Corn 1659
Bowes Bowes Mill NY992133 River Greta NK NK
Bowes Gilmonby Hall NY992132 River Greta NK NK
Bowlees Howgill House waterwheel NY901282 Howgill NK NK
Bradbury Bradbury Mill NZ315285 River Skerne NK NK
Brancepeth Primrose Side Mill NZ239415 River Deerness Bleaching NK
Brancepeth Sleet Burn Mill NZ234417 River Deerness Corn 1747
Brignall Brignall Mill NZ046112 River Greta Corn NK
Burnopfield Leap Mill NZ175572 Leap Mill Burn Corn NK
Butterknowle Gaunless Mill NZ114255 River Gaunless & Grewburn Corn 1818
Butterknowle Grewburn Mill NZ110256 Crow Howl Beck & Grewburn Beck Corn NK
Chester-le-Street Chester Mill NZ272517 Chester Burn Corn C11?
Chester-le-Street Furnace NZ255510 Cong Burn Blast Furnace 1745
Chester-le-Street Whitehill Paper MIll NZ255513 Cong Burn Paper mid C19
Chilton Windlestone Mill NZ275293 Rushyford Beck Corn NK
Coatham Mundeville Coatham Mundeville Mill NZ291207 River Skerne Flax, Corn NK
Cockfield Lands Mill NZ132251 River Gaunless Corn NK
Copley Copley Smelt Mill NZ085250 River Gaunless Lead smelting, Brick & tile? 1770
Cornforth Cornforth Mill NZ316348 Cornforth Beck Corn, Paper C11?
Cornforth Thingford Mill NZ303351 Thinford Beck Paper, Corn 1813
Cotherstone Cotherstone Mill NZ016200 River Tees NK NK
Cotherstone Doe Park Mill NZ007201 River Balder NK NK
Cowshill Burtree Ford Mill NY853405 Killhope Burn & Sedling Burn Corn 1818
Cowshill Killhope Lead Mining Centre NY826424 River Wear Lead Mining 1828
Coxhoe Mill NZ332353 Coxhoe Beck Fulling, Corn 1250?
Croxdale Butterby Mill NZ277374 Croxdale Beck Fulling, Paper, Worsted 1739
Croxdale Croxdale Mill NZ272378 Croxdale Beck Corn 1575
Croxdale Paper Mill NZ273373 Croxdale Beck Fulling, Paper 1658
Daddry Shield Pinfoldhouse Mill NY894378 Daddryshield Burn Corn 1820
Darlington Blackwell Mill NZ283131 River Skerne Corn NK
Darlington Great Burdon Mill NZ317167 River Skerne Corn NK
Darlington Houghton-le-Skerne Mill NZ313158 River Skerne Corn NK
Darlington Mill NZ292145 River Skerne Woollen NK
Delves Knitsley Mill NZ119481 Knitsley Burn Corn NK
Denton Denton Mill NZ218189 Tennement Beck Corn NK
Durham Abbey Mill NZ271420 River Wear Corn C12
Durham Bishops Mill NZ274427 River Wear Corn, Ice 1754
Durham Crook Hall Mill (lower) NZ274431 Corn 1636
Durham Crook Hall Mill (upper) NZ274432 Corn 1636
Durham Fulling Mill NZ272421 River Wear Fulling C12
Durham Kepier Mill NZ282433 River Wear Corn 1244
Eastgate Eastgate Mill NY953389 Rookhope Burn Corn 1595
Ebchester Ebchester Mill NZ102556 River Derwent NK NK
Ebchester Ebchester Poss Stick Mill NZ103558 River Derwent Poss Stick NK
Ebchester Ebchester Woollen Mill NZ103557 River Derwent NK NK
Edmondsley Edmondsley Mill NZ225495 Cong Burn Corn 1828
Eggleston Blackton Mill NY992248 Eggleston Burn NK NK
Eggleston Blackton Mill (New) NY997253 Eggleston Burn NK NK
Eggleston Great Eggleshope NY978298 Eggleshope Beck NK NK
Eggleston Little Eggleshope Mine NY988313 Little Eggleshope Beck NK NK
Eggleston Wire Gill Mine NY978306 Wire Gill NK NK
Evenwood Evenwood Mill NZ157260 River Gaunless Corn C12
Fishburn Mill NZ362313 River Skerne NK NK
Forest in Teesdale Slate Pencil Mill NY848295 Tees Slate pencils NK
Forest in Teesdale Waterwheel NY786315 NK NK
Frosterly Broadwood Mill NZ038364 Bollihope Burn Corn 1827
Gainford Gainford Mill NZ184163 River Tees Corn NK
Great Lumley Lumley Forge Mill NZ300508 Lumley Park Burn Forge, Charcoal, Barley c1783
Hamsterley Beckside Mill NZ119300 Linburn Corn NK
Hamsterley Beckside Mill (old) NZ119301 Linburn Corn? NK
Hamsterley Podgehole Mill NZ090291 Linburn Corn NK
Hamsterley Mill Ewhurst Mill NZ151556 Paper NK
Hamsterley Mill Hamsterley Mill NZ145563 Pontburn Corn NK
Hamsterley Mill Lintzford Paper Mill NZ150572 River Derwent Paper NK
Hamsterley Mill Steelclose Mill NZ145567 Pont Burn Corn NK
Harwood Ashgill Head Mine NY808355 Springs Lead Mine NK
Harwood Lady’s Rake Mine NY806343 Springs Lead Mine NK
Hawthorn Hawthorn Mill NZ418452 Hawthorn Burn Corn NK
Hett Hett Mill NZ292369 Croxdale Beck Corn, Paper 1168
High Coniscliffe High Coniscliffe Mill NZ228153 Ulamby Beck Corn NK
Howden-le-Wear Beechburn Mill NZ169321 Beechburn Beck Corn NK
Hunwick Furness Mill NZ199332 River Wear Corn 1827
Hury Hury Dam NY967195 River Balder Electricity NK
Ireshopeburn Blackdean Crushing Mill NY868388 River Wear Ore crushing NK
Killerby Killerby Garths NZ190197 Killerby Beck NK NK
Kirk Merrington Merrington Mill NZ270295 Rushyford Beck Corn 1550
Lanchester Coldpike Mill NZ157455 River Browney Corn, (Bleaching?) 1710
Lanchester Coldpike Old Mill NZ156543 River Browney Bleach, Fulling NK
Lanchester Greencroft Mill NZ157493 Corn 1827
Lanchester Lanchester Mill NZ164478 Corn C11?
Lanchester Low Mill NZ141444 Pan Burn Corn post 1818
Lanchester Low Mill (old) NZ142444 Pan Burn Corn 1768
Lanchester Patrick’s Close Mill NZ143449 River Browney Corn NK
Lanchester Woodlands Sawmill NZ122462 Rippon Burn Saw 1838
Langdon Beck Cow Green Mine NY811306 Springs Lead mine NK
Langdon Beck Dubby Sike Mine NY795320 Springs Lead Mine NK
Langdon Beck Greenhurth Mine NY778326 Springs Lead mine NK
Langley Moor Langley Mills NZ257407 River Browney Paper 1777
Langley Park Langley Mill NZ194459 River Browney NK NK
Langley Park Wallnook Mill NZ215453 River Browney Corn 1772
Low Dinsdale Fishlocks Mill NZ352098 River Tees NK NK
Low Dinsdale Spa Wells NZ349102 springs NK NK
Mickleton Grassholme Mill NY929215 River Lune Corn NK
Mickleton Mickleton Mill NY965245 River Lune NK NK
Middleton St George East Middleton Farm NZ365116 springs? Corn NK
Middleton-in-Teesdale Coldberry Mine NY942290 Hudeshope Beck Lead mine NK
Middleton-in-Teesdale Corn Mill NY947256 Hudeshope Beck NK NK
Middleton-in-Teesdale Lodge Sike Mine NY955294 Hudeshope Beck NK NK
Middleton-in-Teesdale Low Skears Crushing Mill NY947273 Hudeshope Beck Ore Crushing NK
Middleton-in-Teesdale Middleton Quarry NY947247 Springs NK NK
Middleton-in-Teesdale Quarry Workshop NY948247 Springs NK NK
Middleton-in-Teesdale Saw Mill NY947258 Hudeshope Beck Saw NK
Nevilles Cross Moorsley Banks Mill NZ253426 River Browney Fulling, Corn, Paper C12
Nevilles Cross Relly Mill NZ256419 River Browney Fulling, Paper 1326
Nevilles Cross Stonebridge Mill NZ259412 River Browney Corn, paper NK
New Lambton New Lambton Mill NZ316507 Lumley Park Burn Corn? NK
Newton Aycliffe Ricknall Mill NZ293238 River Skerne Corn NK
Newton Hall Priory Mill NZ296471 River Wear NK NK
Peircebridge Piercebridge Mill NZ208155 River Tees NK NK
Peterlee Mill NZ409388 Casle Eden Burn NK NK
Piercebridge Carlbury Mill NZ220157 Piercebridge Beck Corn NK
Plawsworth Plawsworth Mill NZ265476 Blackdene Burn Corn 1818
Ramshaw Jamieson’s Mill NY951474 Bolt’s Burn NK NK
Ramshaw Mill NY931477 Nookton Burn NK NK
Ramshaw Waterwheel NY953477 Bolt’s Burn lead mining? NK
Redworth Middridge Grange Mill NZ243243 Woodham Burn NK NK
Rookhope Rookhope Mill NY938429 NK NK
Rookhope Smelt Mill NY926429 Rookhope Burn Lead smelting 1726
Satley Satley Mill NZ119438 Steeley Burn Corn 1324
Sedgefield Hardwick Mill NZ333300 NK NK
Sedgefield Missmall Mill NZ361274 Shotton Beck Corn, Forge NK
Sedgefield Sedgefield Mill NZ360279 Shotton Beck Corn NK
Shadforth Sherburn East Mill NZ335413 Shadforth Beck Corn 1818
Sherburn Hallgarth Mill NZ320435 Coalford Beck Corn C12
Sherburn Sherburn House Mill NZ319418 Sherburn Beck Corn 1181
Shincliffe Shincliffe Mill NZ297414 Corn 1355
Shotley Bridge Shotley Bridge Mill NZ091529 River Derwent NK NK
Shotley Bridge Shotley Grove High Mill NZ085519 River Derwent Paper NK
Shotley Bridge Shotley Grove Low Mill NZ087521 River Derwent Paper NK
Shotley Bridge Sword Mill NZ091528 River Derwent Sword making, Corn NK
Sockburn Sockburn Mill NZ350076 River Tees NK NK
Spennymoor Mill NZ264334 Corn NK
Staindrop Lodge Farm NZ087222 Langley Beck NK NK
Staindrop Staindrop Mill NZ127207 Langley Beck Corn NK
Stainton Streatlam Grange Mill NZ070199 Old Mill Gill NK NK
Stanhope Stanhope Hall Mill NY990395 Stanhope Burn Corn NK
Stanhope Unthank Mill NY994391 River Wear Fulling, Corn 1595
Stanley Causey Mill NZ205549 Beamish Burn Corn 1540
Stanley Harperley Mill NZ177532 Kyo Burn Corn NK
Thorpe Threwles Blakeston Mill NZ407238 Thorpe Beck Corn NK
Tudhoe Tudhoe Mill NZ254356 Valley Burn Corn (Paper?) 1279
Urpeth Urpeth Forge NZ235542 Beamish Burn Fuling, Forge 1748
Urpeth Urpeth Mill NZ242547 River Team Corn 1365
Urpeth Urpeth Oil Mill NZ249553 River Team Oil? NK
Urpeth Urpeth Papermill NZ231539 Beamish Burn Paper 1801
Ushaw Bricket Tile Works NZ212426 River Deerness NK NK
West Auckland Broom Mill NZ193262 River Gaunless Corn 1622
West Auckland Holm Mill NZ171267 River Gaunless Corn 1724
West Auckland West Auckland Mill NZ182264 River Gaunless Corn, Forge 1300
Westgate High Mill NY906383 Middlehope Burn Corn 1647
Westgate Low Mill NY907380 Middlehope Burn Corn 1818
Whitton Bishopton Mill NZ379224 Whitton Beck Corn NK
Winston Alwent Mill NZ145184 Langley Beck Corn NK
Witton-le-Wear Fitches Mill NZ147299 Linburn Beck Corn c1380
Wolsingham Blanket Mill NZ068372 River Wear Woollen NK
Wolsingham Bradley Low Farm NZ105363 Bradley Burn Farm Use c1900?
Wolsingham Bradley Mill NZ105364 Bradley Burn Corn early C19
Wolsingham Briggs Foundry NZ074370 River Wear Forge NK
Wolsingham Demesne Mill NZ075375 Waskerley Beck Corn C11?
Wolsingham Humble’s Forge NZ077372 River Wear Corn, Forge NK
Wolsingham Mill NZ067372 River Wear Corn NK
Wolsingham West Mill NZ070372 River Wear Corn NK
Woolsingham Holebeck Mill NZ059369 River Wear Corn 1773
Wycliffe Wycliffe Mill NZ116143 River Tees NK NK

9 Responses to Durham Watermills

  1. rebelhand says:

    This is a fascinating website, thank you! You may be interested to know that Hardwick Mill in Sedgefield is mentioned in the parish’s Bishop’s Transcripts in 1773 as the home of Hannah Meggison, wife of Robert (the miller), who was buried on May 7 that year. They are my 6x great grandparents.

    • Sebastian says:

      Hi, I’m curious, would you know any details about the Hardwick Mill, and what exactly they were milling and who for? Thanks if you can give me a reply! I’m doing a dissertation on local history.

      • nemills says:

        While I have no detailed history of the mill it is likely that it was a corn mill, milling mainly wheat, oats and barley (often other things too). It appears on the 1860s Ordnance Survey by name but with no use given. By the 1890s it is shown as disused.

      • rebelhand says:

        Hi Sebastian, I haven’t yet gone into much more detail myself yet. But thanks to nemills for that information. I’ll pop back if I do unearth anything.

  2. hazel howe says:

    trying to locate Green Burn Mill, Lyneslack area. Could be that the hand writing on the census is not clear. Ancestors the Robinsons lived and worked here until 1911.

    • nemills says:

      I suspect this is the one listed under Butterknowle as Grewburn Mill above. The 1897 map of the area does not appear to show the mill as a working mill however.

  3. Sebastian Reichel says:

    Thank you very much!

  4. Anthony Emmerson says:

    Lanchester Mill was supplied with water from the Smallhope Burn.

  5. Judith Chant says:

    Harperley Mill was fed by the Kyo burn. In it’s prime was owned by George Hobson 1825-1905. Previously run by his grandfather Michael Robinson for whom George worked as a boy.

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