Northumberland Watermills

The following list of watermills in Northumberland is not to be seen as a complete list of watermills in the county.  Other parts of the north east are given on separate pages.

The list is sorted by the closest place of a reasonable size.  Searching by the mill name may also help locate a particular mill.  First dates are first known dates; NK: Not Known

Haughton Castle paper Mill in 1992 (c) Duncan Hutt

Haughton Castle paper Mill in 1992 (c) Duncan Hutt

Nearest Place Mill Name Grid Reference River/stream Use(s) First Date
Ackington Saw Mill NU229041 Coal Burn Saw NK
Acomb Acomb Mill NY933662 Birkey Burn Corn 1226
Acomb Fallowfield Mine NY936674 Coldlaw Burn Mine use NK
Allendale Town Bridge End Mill NY835557 East Allen Corn 1547
Allendale Town Low Mill NY836565 East Allen NK NK
Allendale Town Peckriding Mill NY837547 East Allen Corn NK
Allenheads Allenheads Smelting Mill NY850464 West Allen & Middlehope Burn Lead smetling NK
Allerdean Allerdean Mill NT983474 Allerdeanmill Burn Corn c.1670
Alnham Castle Farm NT995108 Farm Use? 1860
Alnhan Scrainwood NT991095 Farn Use NK
Alnwick Abbey Mill NU178141 Aln Corn NK
Alnwick Bolams Mill NU184133 Bow Burn Tannery, corn 1792
Alnwick Denwick or Wythope Mill NU197139 River Aln Corn 1613
Alnwick Saw Mill NU183107 Cawledge Burn Saw NK
Alnwick Woollen Mill NU184139 Woollen NK
Alwinton Alwinton Farm NT922065 Hosedon Burn Farm Use NK
Alwinton Barrow Mill NT913063 River Coquet Corn 1712
Alwinton Barrowburn Fulling Mill NT865110 River Coquet Fulling NK
Ancroft Ancroft Mill NU018447 Allerdene Mill Burn Corn NK
Ancroft Berryburn NU015442 Berrington Burn Corn 1827
Ancroft Town Farm NT997451 Dean Burn Farm Use NK
Bamburgh Bamburgh Mill NU175350 NK NK
Bamburgh Burton NU179331 NK NK
Bamburgh Spindleston Mill NU149334 Waren Burn Corn early C13.
Bamburgh Waren Mill NU146344 Waren Burn Corn, Maltings 1187
Bamburgh Waren Mill (South) NU146343 Waren Burn Corn NK
Bardon Mill Bardon Mill NY778646 Chineley Burn Corn 1827
Bardon Mill Bardon Mill Woollen Mill NY779647 Chineley Burn Woollen, Pottery NK
Bardon Mill Chineley Mill NY773651 Chineley Burn Corn NK
Bardon Mill Crowhall Mill NY795646 Corn 1827
Bardon Mill Plankey Smelt Mill NY795623 River Allen Lead Smelting NK
Barrasford Barrasford Mill NY919732 Barrasford Burn Corn 1608
Barrasford Haughton Mill NY921729 North Tyne Paper NK
Beadnell Tuggall Mill NU224275 Long Nanny Corn, Farm Use ? 1567
Bedlington Bebside Mill NZ265816 River Blyth NK NK
Bedlington Bedlington Ironworks NZ275820 River Blyth Ironworks NK
Bedlington Humford Mill NZ267806 River Blyth Corn 1827
Belford Belford NU106339 Belford Burn NK NK
Belford Belford Mains NU095323 Farm Use NK
Belford Crag Mill NU118348 Belford Burn Corn? 1580?
Belford Detchant NU087365 NK NK
Belford Easington Demesne NU125354 NK NK
Belford Easington Grange NU118358 Elwick Burn NK NK
Belford Easingtongrange Mill NU119363 Elwick Burn Corn 1769
Belford Kettleburn NU083369 NK NK
Belford Middleton NU100354 Farm use? NK
Belford Mill NU102357 Middleton Burn NK NK
Belford Newlands NU115324 Mousen Burn NK NK
Belford Ross Mill NU134367 Ross Low Corn 1647
Belford Swinhoe Farm NU084350 Farm Use NK
Bellingham Bellingham Mill NY838829 Corn 1374/5
Bellingham Hesleyside Mill NY809845 River North Tyne Corn, Saw C13th
Belsay Bradford NZ068798 River Blyth NK NK
Belsay Trewick NZ112797 River Blyth NK NK
Beltingham Old Hall Mill NY885685 NK NK
Berrington Berryburn Mill NU014435 Berrington Burn Corn NK
Berwick-upon-Tweed Bait’s Cross and Strand NT954547 Farm use NK
Berwick-upon-Tweed Grainslaw Mill NT957524 Whiteadder Water Corn, Bone NK
Berwick-upon-Tweed Grangeburn Mill NT966532 Corn NK
Berwick-upon-Tweed High Mill NT994534 Corn NK
Berwick-upon-Tweed Letham Mill NT974528 Common Burn Corn NK
Berwick-upon-Tweed Low Mill NT994532 Corn NK
Berwick-upon-Tweed New East Farm NT977561 Farm use c1898
Berwick-upon-Tweed New Mills NT953529 Whiteadder Water Corn 1683
Berwick-upon-Tweed Ordmill NT976517 Corn C13
Berwick-upon-Tweed ‘Water engine’ NT976515 NK NK
Blanchland Blanchland Mill NY965503 River Derwent Corn 1621
Blanchland Espershields NY997529 Farm Use NK
Blanchland Millshield Corn Mill NZ012527 River Derwent Corn 1747
Blanchland Millshield Woollen Mill NZ011528 River Derwent Woollen NK
Blanchland Newbiggin Mill NY951497 Corn, Saw, Farm use 1860
Blanchland Shildon NY959510 Shildon Burn NK NK
Bolton Abberwick Mill NU123140 Aln Corn pre 1571
Bolton Bolton Mill NU117133 Aln Corn 1234
Bolton Moorlaws Mill NU136139 Moorlaw Dene NK NK
Bowsden Barmoor Mill NT998407 Dry Burn Corn 1344
Branxton Branxton Buildings NT887379 Farm Use? NK
Branxton Crookham Westfield NT888383 Farm Use? NK
Branxton East Moneylaws NT878359 Farm Use? NK
Branxton Mardon NT903375 NK NK
Byrness Byrness Mill NT772022 Corn 1687
Callaly Callaly Mill NU053111 Callaly Burn Corn NK
Callaly Callaly Saw Mill NU049095 Callaly Burn Saw NK
Callaly Lorbottle NU035065 Lorbottle Burn Farm use NK
Cambo Wallington Mill NZ032838 Wansbeck Corn NK
Capheaton Clock Mill NZ027814 Swilder Burn Corn 1762
Castleside Allensford Mill NZ076503 River Derwent Corn 1582
Chatton Amersidelaw NU062274 Farm Use? NK
Chatton Chatton Mill NU070286 Corn NK
Chatton Fowberry Mains NU032280 Farm Use? NK
Chatton Greendykes NU067287 NK NK
Chatton Hazelrigg Mill NU044333 Hetton Burn Corn NK
Chatton Hetton House Farm NU045300 Farm Use NK
Chatton North Hazelrigg NU051337 NK NK
Chatton North Lyham NU065317 Farm Use? NK
Chatton South Hazelrigg NU055324 NK NK
Chatton West Horton NU027308 NK NK
Chillingham Bewick Folly NU068227 NK NK
Chillingham Chillingham Saw Mill NU058263 Saw NK
Chillingham Hepburn Bell NU054240 NK NK
Chollerton Cocklaw Walk Mill NY932741 Erring Burn Fulling NK
Chollerton Keepwick Mill NY948721 Erring Burn NK 1602
Coanwood Asholm Mill NY679580 Corn NK
Coanwood Dunn’s Mill NY689589 Christopher Burn NK NK
Coanwood Low Mill NY700598 Park Burn? Corn 1827
Coanwood Tows Bank NY685571 NK NK
Colwell West Well House NY967743 NK NK
Consett Burnmill NZ073530 Shotleyfield Burn NK NK
Consett Shotleyfield Mill NZ061513 Small Burn & Shotleyfield Burn Corn 1765
Corbridge Brocksbushes NZ020640 Brockhole Burn Farm Use NK
Corbridge Corbridge Anglo-Saxon Mill NY98 64 River Tyne NK NK
Corbridge Corbridge Mill NY979648 Corburn Corn 1345
Corbridge Halton Mill NY997677 Stagshawbank Burn NK NK
Corbridge Thornbrough Buildings NZ009641 Farm Use NK
Cornhill-on-Tweed Cornhill Mill NT857391 Corn 1233?
Cornhill-on-Tweed Twizel Mill NT888426 River Till Corn 1183
Craster Saw Mill NU258199 Craster Letch Saw NK
Crookham Branxton Stead NT889368 Farm Use? NK
Crookham Heaton Mill NT901424 River Till Corn 1360
Crookham Old Heaton NT900419 NK NK
Crookham Sandyford Mill NT921381 Corn? NK
Dalton Dalton Mill NZ110719 River Pont Corn 1828
Dalton Dissington Mill NZ119714 River Pont Corn? 1769
Denwick Denwick Mill NU208129 Aln Fulling Corn pre 1841
Dilston Dilston Low Town NY976635 Devil’s Water Farm Use 1815
Dilston Dilston Mill (Earl’s Mill) NY975634 Devil’s Water Corn 1304
Dilston Dilston New Town NY982635 Farm Use 1815
Dilston Dilston Paper Mill NY954627 Devil’s Water Paper NK
Doddington Doddington Mill NT997323 Corn C13
Doddington Fenton Demesne NT968336 Farm Use? NK
Doddington Fenton Mill NT968343 Corn NK
Doddington Nesbit NT983335 Farm Use? NK
Duddo Tiptoe NT909419 NK NK
Dye House Blackhall Mill NY938586 Rowley Burn Corn 1621
Dye House Dukesfield Mill NY944581 Devil’s Water Corn Early C18
Dye House Finechambers Mill NY943587 Rowley Burn Corn 1827
Dye House Old Smelting Mill NY941579 NK NK
East Woodburn Hole Mill NY897889 River Rede ? Corn? 1698
Ebchester Hedley Mill NZ094568 Mill Burn NK NK
Ebchester Newlands Mill NZ092553 Corn NK
Edlingham Edlingham Mill NU115090 Edlingham Burn Corn 1256
Edlingham Lemmington Mill NU116112 Edlingham Burn Corn 1870s
Eglingham Eglingham Mill NU109195 Eglingham Burn NK NK
Eglingham Eglinghamhill NU119197 NK NK
Eglingham Harehope NU094204 NK NK
Eglingham Shipley Smallburns NU143187 NK NK
Ellingham Newham South Buildings NU167268 Priestdean Burn Farm Use NK
Ellington Ellington Mill NZ274916 River Lyne Corn NK
Elsdon Cants Mill NY921928 Elsdon Burn Corn 1731
Elsdon Elsdon Mill NY936937 Elsdon Burn Corn 1604
Elsdon Grasslees Mill NY952978 Penchford Burn Corn 1687
Elsdon Whiskershield Mill NY953927 Mill Burn Corn 1604
Embleton Dunstan Stead NU243223 Farm Use NK
Embleton Low Mill NU235220 Embleton Burn Corn NK
Embleton The Skaith NU239229 Embleton Burn NK NK
Eshott Heugh Mill NZ192978 Longdike Burn Corn 1224
Etal Barley Mill NT927402 River Till Corn NK
Etal Berryhill NT935406 NK NK
Etal Etal Mill NT925395 River Till Corn (Fulling?) 1250?
Falstone Belling Mill NY693886 Belling Burn? NK 1663
Falstone Lowry’s Mill NY743861 Donkleywood Burn Corn NK
Falstone Otterstone Lee NY673875 Otterstone Lee Burn Farm Use NK
Falstone Ridge End Mill NY730859 Smales Burn Corn 1762
Fawdon Brunton Mill NZ210698 Ouse Burn Corn 1827
Felton Felton NU185003 River Coquet NK NK
Felton Felton Mill NU182001 River Coquet Corn, Saw 1262
Fenwick Fenham Mill NU088407 Mill Burn NK NK
Fenwick Fenwick Granary NU071404 Fenham Burn NK NK
Fenwick Kyloe Mill NU046405 NK NK
Ford Broomridge Mill NT959360 Broomridge Dene Burn Corn NK
Ford Ford Forge NT934385 River Till Forge NK
Ford Ford Hill NT953373 Farm Use? NK
Ford Fordmoss Colliery NT96 37 Pumping NK
Ford Heatherslaw Mill NT933384 River Till Corn C13
Ford Kimmerston NT956357 Corn NK
Gilsland Thirlwall Mill NY633664 Poltross Burn Corn 1827
Great Bavington Sweethope Mill NY951820 River Wansbeck Corn 1762
Great Swinburn Little Swinburn NY948776 Dry Burn NK NK
Great Swinburn Swinburn Mill NY934757 Swin Burn Corn NK
Great Tosson Newton NU036007 Routing Burn Farm Use NK
Great Tosson Ryehill NU022014 Chesterhope Burn Farm Use? NK
Great Tosson Tosson Corn Mill NU035010 Routing Burn Corn 1766
Great Tosson Tosson Woollen Mill NU036010 Routing Burn Woollen 1622?
Great Whittington Whittington Mill NZ014704 Bowbridge Burn & River Pont Corn 1224
Gunnerton Saw Mill NY905753 Gunnerton Burn Saw NK
Guyzance Brainshaugh Mill NU205029 River Coquet Blankets NK
Guyzance Guyzance Mill NU206035 River Coquet Fulling?, Corn 1336
Guyzance Hazon Mill NU191045 Hazon Burn Corn C16th
Haggerston Bridge Mill NU029442 North Low Corn 1675
Haggerston Brock Mill NU059437 South Low Corn 1647
Haggerston Lowlinn Mill NU031422 South Low Corn 1405
Hallington Hallington Mill NY983744 Fairspring, Hallington & Small Burns Corn 1538
Haltwhistle Haltwhistle Mill NY714640 Haltwhistle Burn NK NK
Haltwhistle High Mill NY706650 Haltwhistle Burn NK NK
Haltwhistle Low Mill NY707648 Haltwhistle Burn NK NK
Haltwhistle Mill NY712644 Haltwhistle Burn NK NK
Haltwhistle Roman Watermill NY712667 Haltwhistle Burn Corn C 3rd
Haltwhistle Saw Mill NY725626 Linn Burn Saw NK
Haltwhistle Saw Mill NY683620 Park Burn Saw NK
Haltwhistle South Tyne Brickworks NY708648 Haltwhistle Burn NK NK
Haltwhistle Wall Mill NY707662 Corn 1828
Harbottle Harbottle Mill NT93 04 River Coquet? NK NK
Harlow Hill Welton Mill NZ065678 Corn NK
Haydon Bridge Brockenhaugh NY859661 Farm use NK
Haydon Bridge Bush Farm NY868657 Farm Use NK
Haydon Bridge East Elrington NY870634 Farm Use? NK
Haydon Bridge East Millhills NY852652 NK 1815
Haydon Bridge Elrington NY861634 Crossley Burn Corn? Farm 1298
Haydon Bridge Langley Lead Works NY829615 Lead smelting NK
Haydon Bridge Plankey Mill NY796621 River Allen Corn pre 1794
Haydon Bridge West Landends NY830632 NK NK
Haydon Bridge West Millhills NY846648 Corn, threshing 1815
Haydon Bridge Whinnetley Mill NY819649 Honeycrook Burn Farm use? 1752
Haydon Bridge Woodhall Mill NY859646 Crossley Burn & ? Corn 1775
Heddon on the Wall Heddon Mill NZ138678 Dewley Burn Corn NK
Henshaw Oldhall Mill NY764635 NK NK
Henshaw Willimontswick Mill NY771635 Willimontswick Burn Corn 1827
Hethpool Hethpool NT895283 Elsdon Burn Farm Use 1860
Hethpool Hethpool Mill NT896279 College Burn Corn 1212?
Hexham Coastley NY899655 Corn? 1236
Hexham Dipton Mill NY929610 West Dipton Burn Corn 1583
Hexham Fulling Mill NY952615 West Dipton Burn & Devil’s Water NK NK
Hexham Hermitage Mill NY934652 Corn 1608
Hexham Linnels Mill NY954616 Devil’s Water Corn, Electricity NK
Hexham Mill NY925611 West Dipton Burn NK NK
Hexham Newbiggin NY944607 Letah Burn Corn, Farm Use, Saw 1608?
Hexham Saw Mill NY930640 Saw NK
Hexham Tyne Mill NY941645 River Tyne NK NK
Hexham Woodley Farm Mill NY921637 Cockshaw Burn Farm Use NK
Holystone Holystone Fulling Mill NT954027 Holystone Burn Fulling NK
Holystone Holystone Mill NT955027 Holystone Burn Corn 1539
Horncliffe Horncliffe Mill NT933492 Corn 1546
Horncliffe Loanhead NT946507 NK NK
Howick Red Stead NU251167 Farm Use 1843
Humshaugh Humshaugh Mill NY915704 North Tyne Corn pre 1827
Ilderton Ilderton NU017219 NK NK
Ilderton Roseden NU031216 Farm Use? NK
Ingoe Ingoe Mill NZ031739 Corn 1296
Ingram Ingram NU016163 Breamish Farm Use NK
Ingram Ingram Mill NU025164 Breamish Corn 1353
Kirknewton Canno Mill NT902318 Bowmont Water Corn 1653
Kirknewton Lanton Mill NT913307 River Glen Corn C13
Kirknewton Thornington NT884335 NK NK
Kirknewton Yeavering NT936304 Farm Use NK
Kirkwhelpington Kirkwhelpington Mill NY998843 River Wansbeck Corn 1827
Kirkwhelpington Ray Mill NY975854 Ray Burn Corn 1768
Kirkwhelpington Walkmill NZ008843 River Wansbeck Fulling NK
Lambley Lowhouse Mill NY665602 Hartley Burn NK NK
Lanehead Boughthill Mill NY793867 Tarset Burn NK 1663
Lanehead Burnmouth Mill NY794881 Tarret Burn Corn 1699
Lanehead Dallycastle Mill NY776845 Chirdon Burn Corn 1759
Lanehead Gatehouse Mill NY787888 Tarset Burn Corn 1762
Lesbury Bilton Mill NU221120 Aln Corn, Flint? 1827
Lesbury Lesbury Mills NU232115 Aln Corn C14th
Lesbury Longhoughton Mill NU230121 Aln Corn 1567
Lilburn Newtown Mill NU044240 Lilburn Burn NK NK
Limestone Brae Woolfcleugh Mill NY796496 West Allen Woollen NK
Linton Linton Mill NZ256920 River Lyne Corn NK
Longframlington Brinkburn Mill NZ117983 River Coquet Corn, (Electricity?) 1535
Longframlington Weldon Mill NZ136985 River Coquet Corn 1668
Longhorsley Horsley Mill NZ153943 Paxtondean Burn Corn 1762
Lowick Greenside Mill NU026422 The Low Corn 1670
Lowick Holburn Mill NU038356 Coal Burn Corn, Animal Feed, Threshing 1539
Lowick Hunting Hall NU029410 The Low Farm Use? NK
Lowick Lowick Mill NU022416 The Low Corn 1360
Lowick Lowick South Low Steads NU029396 The Low NK NK
Lucker Adderston Lowmill NU141313 NK NK
Lucker Bradford NU152323 Waren Burn NK NK
Lucker Lucker Hall Farm NU152302 Waren Burn Farm Use NK
Lucker Lucker Mill NU153302 Waren Burn Corn NK
Meldon Meldon Mill NZ115853 River Wansbeck Corn 1809
Middleton Middleton Mill NZ059844 River Wansbeck Corn 1240
Milbourne Millburn Mill NZ114752 Mill Burn Corn 1587
Milfield Coupland Mill NT938310 River Glen Corn 1317
Milfield Flodden NT921350 NK NK
Milfield Howtel NT898341 Farm Use NK
Milfield Milfield Hill NT928343 NK NK
Milfield Sandy House NT933325 NK NK
Mindrum Bowmont Hill NT839318 Farm Use? NK
Mindrum Downham NT866340 Farm Use? NK
Mindrum Mindrum NT842328 Farm Use? NK
Mindrum Mindrum Mill NT850336 Bowmont Water Corn 1225?
Mindrum Pawston NT855327 Farm Use? NK
Mindrum Shotton NT842303 Corn C13
Mitford Abbey (corn) Mill NZ183859 River Wansbeck Corn, saw pre 1827
Mitford Abbey (saw) Mill NZ185860 River Wansbeck Saw NK
Mitford Abbey (woollen) Mill NZ184860 River Wansbeck Woollen NK
Mitford Newton Mill NZ157863 River Font Corn pre 1827
Molesden Rivergreen Mill NZ137847 River Wansbeck Corn pre 1827
Morpeth Dobmill NZ201861 Wansbeck NK NK
Morpeth Dovecot Mill NZ219857 Corn NK
Morpeth East Mill NZ206865 River Wansbeck Corn, Electricity 1604
Morpeth Low Mill NZ212867 River Wansbeck Corn NK
Morpeth Morpeth Town Mill NZ202859 River Wansbeck Corn NK
Morpeth Oliver’s Mill NZ199858 Wansbeck Corn 1827
Morpeth Walk Mill NZ202862 River Wansbeck Fulling NK
Netherton Netherton NT989077 Netherton Burn NK NK
Netherton Netherton Burnfoot NT996072 Netherton Burn Farm use? NK
Netherton Netherton Mill NT984079 Netherton Burn Corn NK
Netherwitton Healey Mill NZ087921 River Font Corn pre 1827
Netherwitton Longshaws Mill NZ117894 River Font Corn pre 1827
Netherwitton Netherwitton Mill NZ101902 River Font Corn, Cotton, Saw, Woollen, Blanket NK
Netherwitton Stanton Mill NZ130890 River Font Corn pre 1827
Newbrough Allerwash Farm NY871671 Farm Use NK
Newbrough Allerwash Mill NY875673 Newbrough Burn Corn 1479
Newbrough Settlingstones Mine NY853688 Settlingstones Burn & Cowey Sike Mine use NK
Newbrough Stonecroft Mill NY862683 Settlingstones Burn Corn 1693
Newton-on-the-Moor Shield Dyke NU150062 Newton Burn NK NK
Ninebanks Ninebank Mill NY782526 West Allen Corn NK
Norham ‘water wheel’ NT907458 NK NK
North Charlton North Charlton Farm NU167228 Farm Use NK
North Charlton North Charlton Mill NU164228 Corn 1295
Nunwick Mill NY878738 Crook Burn NK C17th
Nunwick Nunwick Mill NY890740 Corn C17th
Ogle Ogle Mill NZ133786 Ogle Burn Corn 1827
Otterburn Hopefoot Mill NY887949 Otter Burn Corn 1695
Otterburn Otterburn Castle NY887932 Otter Burn NK NK
Otterburn Otterburn Tweed Mill NY888928 River Rede Corn, Tweed, Retail/museum 1245?
Otterburn Shittleheugh Mill NY865950 Durtrees Burn Corn 1604
Otterburn Troughend Mill NY878929 Corn 1604
Ovingham Ovingham Mill NZ083638 Whittle Burn Corn, Bleach works 1245
Ovingham Whittle Mill NZ078644 Whittle Burn Corn 1560
Pegswood Bothal NZ240868 Bothal Burn NK NK
Pegswood Bothal Mill NZ235863 River Wansbeck Corn NK
Pegswood Whitefield NZ230867 NK NK
Ponteland Kirkley Mill NZ165767 River Pont Corn C17
Ponteland Low Callerton NZ152722 Threshing NK
Ponteland Ponteland Mill NZ159729 River Pont Corn 1262
Powburn Beanley NU081184 Farm Use? NK
Powburn Brandon NU042171 NK NK
Powburn Branton NU045164 Branton Burn Farm Use? NK
Powburn Shawdonwood House NU080156 NK NK
Powburn Titlington Mount NU100163 Greystone Burn NK NK
Prendwick Prendwick NU002123 Prendwick Burn Farm Use 1860
Preston Falloden Mill NU196241 Brunton Burn NK NK
Prudhoe Orchard House Farm NZ093635 NK NK
Prudhoe Prudhoe Castle Mill NZ092633 Corn NK
Red Row Maiden’s Hall NZ235986 Chevington Burn NK NK
Redesmouth Broomhope Mill NY880837 Broomhope Burn Corn C17th
Redesmouth Heugh Mill NY869802 River North Tyne Corn, Saw 1307?
Redesmouth Mey’s Mill NY874807 Heugh Burn NK NK
Redesmouth Nooks Mill NY874839 River Rede ? Corn? 1618
Redesmouth Redesmouth Mill NY862822 River Rede Fulling, Corn NK
Rennington Lee Moor NU220183 Farm Use? NK
Rennington Littlemill NU226182 NK NK
Rennington Rennington NU210184 NK NK
Riding Mill Dipton Foot NY995606 March Burn NK NK
Riding Mill Riding Mill NZ018614 Dipton Burn Corn, Saw 1566
Rochester Birdhopecraig Mill NY829984 Sills Burn Corn 1704
Rochester Rochester (Todlaw) Mill NY829975 River Rede Corn 1748
Rock Rock Mill NU202217 NK NK
Rock Rock Saw Mill NU205203 Saw NK
Rothbury Cragend Farm NU086009 Farm Use NK
Rothbury Debdon Mill NU071019 Debdon Burn Woollen 1762
Rothbury East Mill NU066016 River Coquet Corn? NK
Rothbury Little Mill NU073008 Corn 1827
Rothbury Thrum Mill NU068016 River Coquet Corn pre 1841
Ryal Fairspring NY996747 NK NK
Scot’s Gap Rothley Mill NZ045875 Hart Burn Corn 1799
Scot’s Gap Saw Mill NZ036875 Delf Burn Saw NK
Scremerston Scremerston Mill NU023495 Corn 1776
Seaton Sluice Hartley Mill NZ334753 Seaton Burn Corn 1519?
Seaton Sluice Silver Hill (Mill) NZ333749 Seaton Burn NK NK
Seghill Seghill Mill NZ278743 Seaton Burn Corn NK
Shilbottle Sturton Grange NU216070 Grange Burn Corn pre 1609
Shipley Shipley NU147169 Eglingham Burn Farm Use NK
Shipley Shipley Mill NU154189 Shipley Burn Corn 1435
Shoresdean Shoreswood Mill NT940456 Corn? 1329
Simonburn Chipchase Mill NY883748 North Tyne Corn C13th
Simonburn Saw Mill NY873739 Proctors Burn Saw NK
Sinderhope Blackbank Mill NY842513 West Allen Corn NK
Slaggyford Barhaugh Mill NY695516 Barhaugh Burn NK NK
Slaggyford Burnstones NY674544 Thinhope Burn Corn 1827
Slaggyford Lintley Mill NY685510 Thornhope Burn Corn NK
Slaley Eastwood Mill NY995591 March Burn NK 1621
Slaley Healey Mill NY995581 Reaston Burn Corn 1608
Slaley West Dukesfield NY943574 NK NK
Spartylea Allenheads Mill NY849485 East Allen Corn 1827
Stakeford Sheepwash Mill NZ257858 River Wansbeck Corn, saw? 1379
Stamfordham Heugh Mill NZ091717 River Pont Corn 1297/8
Stannington Plessey Mill NZ237797 River Blyth Corn mid C13
Stannington Stannington Mill NZ215784 River Blyth Corn, linnen 1246-56
Stocksfield Bywell Mill NZ049617 River Tyne Corn 1282
Stocksfield Mill NZ050618 NK NK
Stocksfield Ridley Mill NZ056604 Stocksfield Burn Corn 1566
Swarland Glantlees NU140055 NK NK
Swarland Overgrass Mill NU145033 Swarland Burn Corn 1256
Swarland Swarland Mill NU157017 Swarland Burn Corn? 1254
Swinhope Swinhope Mill NY840481 Swinhope Burn Corn 1663
Tarset Tarset Mill NY786855 Tarset Burn Corn 1315
Thirston Thirston Mill NZ192998 Thirston Burn Corn c1560
Throckley Throckley Mill NZ158678 Dewley Burn Corn 1805?
Thropton Snitter Mill NU031029 Black Burn Corn 1293
Thropton South Cartington NU040039 Spout Burn NK NK
Tweedmouth Border Brewery NT994522 NK NK
Tweedmouth Flour Mill NT994523 NK NK
Ulgham Ulgham Mill NZ239927 River Lyne NK NK
Wall Brunton Mill NY921703 Corn? Farm use? NK
Wall Wall Mill NY916684 North Tyne Corn 1721
Warden Warden (Paper) Mill NY902666 South Tyne Paper NK
Warden Warden Mill NY917671 North Tyne Corn, Pumping 1827
Warenford Birchwood NU145278 NK NK
Warenford Newstead NU151272 NK NK
Warenford Ratchwood NU143283 NK NK
Warenford Rayheugh NU137273 NK NK
Warenford Rosebrough NU140269 NK NK
Warenford Twizel Saw Mill NU125285 Saw NK
Wark East Learmouth NT862373 NK NK
Wark Esp Mill NY828797 Houxty Burn Corn 1718
Wark Leehall Mill NY858794 River North Tyne Corn 1827
Wark Longlee Mill NY836769 Warks Burn Corn, woollen? NK
Wark Parkend Mill NY871757 Corn NK
Wark Pressen NT835358 Pressen Burn NK NK
Wark Pressen Hill NT819345 Pressen Burn Farm use NK
Wark Ramshaw Mill NY844767 Warks Burn Corn 1263/4?
Wark Wark NT828385 NK NK
Wark West Learmouth NT851376 Willow Burn Corn NK
Warkworth Grange Mill NU227071 Grange Burn Corn NK
Warkworth Houndean Mill NU234067 Grange Burn Corn 1663
Warkworth Morwick Mill NU231046 River Coquet Corn 1284
Warkworth Warkworth Mill NU237060 River Coquet Corn 1214
West Fleetham Fleetham (Old) Mill NU193283 Long Nanny Corn 1688
West Fleetham Fleetham Mill NU196283 Long Nanny Corn 1844
West Fleetham Newham Mill NU191281 Long Nanny Corn 1147
West Woodburn West Woodburn Mill NY893868 River Rede Corn 1665
Westnewton Kilham Mill NT885325 Corn, Farm Use C13th
Westnewton Thompsons Walls NT867304 Farm Use NK
Westnewton Westnewton Mill NT903303 Corn, Farm use 1762
Whalton Whalton Mill NZ129804 How Burn Corn 1827
Whitfield Blueback Mill NY782574 West Allen Corn, Saw, Threshing NK
Whitfield Carr’s Mill NY774554 Carr’s Burn Corn 1827
Whitley Chapel Hackford Mill NY925544 Devil’s Water Corn 1800
Whitley Chapel Raw Green Mill NY928562 Devil’s Water NK pre 1828
Whitley Chapel Whitley Mill NY924580 Rowley Burn Corn, Saw 1350
Whittingham Rothill NU070127 Farm Use? NK
Whittingham Ryle Mill NU031116 Aln Farm use? NK
Whittingham Thrunton Mill NU085115 Swine Burn Corn 1827
Whittingham Yetlington Farm NU031105 Farm use NK
Wooler Akeld NT956297 Corn? Farm Use? NK
Wooler Carding Mill NT994275 Wooler Water Carding NK
Wooler Coldgate Mill NT998248 Harthope Burn Corn 1827
Wooler Dye Works NT994279 Wooler Water Dyes NK
Wooler Earle (Yearle) Mill NT995269 Wooler Water Corn 1318
Wooler Humbleton NT975285 NK NK
Wooler Humbleton Buildings NT973290 Humbleton Burn Farm use? NK
Wooler Humbleton Mill NT983281 Humbleton Burn Corn 1574
Wooler North Earle NT987263 Farm Use? NK
Wooler North Middleton NT999243 Harthope Burn Farm Use NK
Wooler South Middleton NT998234 Farm Use NK
Wooler Turveylaws Farm NT996294 Farm Use NK
Wooler Way-to-Wooler NU002288 Farm Use NK
Wooler West Weetwood NU006289 Farm use NK
Wooler Wooler Mill NT994281 Wooler Water Corn 1291
Wylam Wylam Mill NZ117645 Corn

5 Responses to Northumberland Watermills

  1. Mrs Carol Dixon says:

    I found the talk at the NDFHS in Newcastle today very informative and I was delighted to hear of this website. It is interesting to see all the mills listed. My husband’s family were farmers/millers in the 1800s and he was brought up at Rock Mill, Alnwick which had become a farm though in the 1950s-60s some of the old mill buildings were still visible and the mill pond was still there. Below is some of our family information from the census which give details of the mills they worked.

    1891 census

    Residence Name Status Age Trade Birthplace (Parish)

    Bolton Mill JAMES DIXON Head 47 Farmer/Miller Eglingham
    Elizabeth Wife 45 “
    Mary daughter 10 scholar Edlingham
    John son 8 “ “
    George “ 6 “ “
    JAMES (Granda) “ 6 “ “

    1881 census

    Bolton Mill JAMES DIXON Head 37 Miller & Farmer Eglingham
    Elizabeth Wife 35 of 50 ac with 26 ? “
    Mary daughter 10mths Edlingham

    1871 census JAMES Cousin 27 Miller Wooperton
    (listed under family of his cousin, Matthew Dixon at Morwick Mill)

    Shell Family (paternal grandmother’s family)
    In the 1911 census MARGARET THOMAS (Thompson)SHELL (age 30) is listed as ‘Farm daughter doing work’ at Abberwick Mill for JAMES SHELL (60) Miller/Farmer employer and his wife Sarah Ann (57) along with their son, John (32), Farmer working on farm, and their daughter, Rachel Annie (20), Farmer’s daughter & worker. Also listed is Samuel Scott, a Carter at ‘bosses Mill’ born Whittingham.

    In the 1901 census for Abberwick James Shell (50) born Edlingham in 1851 is listed as a Farmer/Miller along with his wife, Sarah Ann (46) born Marton, Yorkshire in 1855 and their family: son John (22) born 1879, listed as farmer’s son & farmworker, MARGARET (20) born 1881, Mary Isabella (15) born 1886, and Rachel Annie [Daisy] (10) born 1891. There is also a servant, Mansfield Arries (17) born in 1884 at Doddington, listed as ordinary agricultural labourer. Abberwick parish consists of Abberwick village, Abberwick Mill, Moor Laws, Broom Hill, Broom Hill Cottage and Glen Aln.
    Other Shells listed in the parish include:
    Stephen Shell (39) Head Farmer/Empoyer born Edlingham
    Jane (52) Sister “
    Isabella (36) Sister “
    Margaret (34) Sister “

  2. John Lawton Edwards says:

    There is no mention of the corn mill at Gilsland,Northumberland along side the Poltross Burn

    • nemills says:

      Is this additional to Thirlwall Mill in Gilsland? This was listed under the wrong burn but correct grid reference. The burn name has now been corrected. Thanks for raising it as this is how things get corrected.

  3. Joanne Foley says:

    I have found a little more information on Grangeburn Mill and also a few photo’s if you are interested in adding to the site.

  4. Joanne Foley says:

    Grangeburn Mill was on the White Damhead Burn stream. The stream was apparently altered so it no longer runs alongside the remains of the mill.

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