windmill map 2

Location of windmills in the Northeast

The list below includes all the known windmills of the Northeast.  It is ordered by local authority area (please note that Darlington is included within County Durham).  The list is then ordered by the nearest place then by mill name.  NK = Not Known

The best way to find a particular mill will probably to use your browser’s own ‘find’ option.  However, it is worth noting that many mills went by a number of names particularly where the miller’s name is used.

Whitburn Windmill (c) Duncan Hutt

Whitburn Windmill (c) Duncan Hutt

County Nearest Place Mill Name Grid Reference Use(s) First Date
County Durham Aycliffe Aycliffe Windmill NZ290220 NK NK
County Durham Dalton-le-Dale Seaton (Dalton) Mill NZ409488 NK 1840
County Durham Durham Durham NZ269412 NK NK
County Durham Durham New Durham Mill NZ293426 Corn 1850
County Durham Easington Easington NZ409431 Corn NK
County Durham Easington Jackson’s Mills NZ409438 Corn NK
County Durham Easington Thorpe Moor NZ412422 Corn NK
County Durham Esh Winning Ushaw Mill NZ215438 Corn NK
County Durham Ferryhill Ferryhill NZ276326 Corn NK
County Durham Fishburn Fishburn NZ368321 NK 1840
County Durham Fishburn Fishburn Mill NZ358313 NK 1840
County Durham Hutton Henry Hutton Henry NZ422361 Corn NK
County Durham Ingleton Ingleton Mill NZ181201 Corn NK
County Durham Lanchester Maidenlaw Mill NZ175498 Corn NK
County Durham Middleton St George Fighting Cocks Mill NZ343142 Corn NK
County Durham Penshaw South Biddick NZ312532 NK 1840
County Durham Redworth Redworth NZ229233 NK NK
County Durham Seaham Seaham NZ406500 Corn 1840
County Durham Sedgefield Winterton NZ355303 Corn 1840
Gateshead Felling Felling Windmill NZ267617 Corn c1800
Gateshead Felling Heworth Mill NZ269608 Corn 1808
Gateshead Gateshead Carr Hill Mill NZ266613 Corn 1638
Gateshead Gateshead Gateshead NZ250628 NK NK
Gateshead Gateshead Gateshead NZ250629 NK NK
Gateshead Gateshead Gateshead NZ255631 NK NK
Gateshead Gateshead Gibbons Mill NZ252627 Corn NK
Gateshead Gateshead Jackson’s Mill NZ255629 NK NK
Gateshead Gateshead Mill NZ251625 NK NK
Gateshead Gateshead Mill NZ245625 NK NK
Gateshead Gateshead Millfield Old Windmill NZ249626 NK NK
Gateshead Gateshead St John’s Mill NZ265612 Corn 1774
Gateshead Sherrif Hill Windy Nook NZ274608 Corn 1840
Gateshead Whickham Whickham Mill NZ210610 Corn 1576??
Hartlepool Elwick Elwick Mill NZ449315 Corn C13
Hartlepool Greatham Greatham Mill NZ493279 Corn 1857
Hartlepool Hart Hart Mill NZ473345 Corn 1314
Hartlepool Hartlepool Hartlepool Dock Mill NZ506329 Corn? 1848
Hartlepool Hartlepool Middleton (New) Mill NZ520337 Corn 1793
Hartlepool Hartlepool Middleton (Old) Mill NZ521338 Corn c1558
Hartlepool Hartlepool New Stranton Mill NZ517324 Corn pre 1480
Hartlepool Hartlepool Owton Mill NZ493293 Corn 1543
Hartlepool Hartlepool Stranton Church Mill NZ509320 Corn 1845
Hartlepool Hartlepool Stranton Mill NZ518328 Corn 1576
Hartlepool Hartlepool West Hartlepool Mill NZ507323 Corn 1848
Hartlepool Newton Bewly Newton Bewly NZ466266 Corn post 1341
Middlesbrough Acklam Acklam Mill NZ487177 Corn 1300
Middlesbrough Cargo Fleet Cargo Fleet Mill NZ515205 Corn 1803
Middlesbrough Coulby Newham Newham Mill NZ504154 NK 1771
Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Ayresome mill NZ490192 Corn? NK
Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Middlesbrough Mill NZ494208 Corn 1840
Middlesbrough North Ormesby North Ormesby Mill NZ510196 Corn 1875
Middlesbrough Stainton Stainton Windmill NZ483140 Corn? 1591
Newcastle Byker Byker Mill NZ273645 NK NK
Newcastle Byker Mill NZ273650 NK NK
Newcastle Elswick Elswick Mill NZ232644 NK 1828
Newcastle Fenham Cowgate Mill NZ225662 Corn 1769
Newcastle Gosforth Gosforth NZ240672 NK 1828
Newcastle Heaton Heaton (wind) Mill NZ267658 Corn 1769
Newcastle Jesmond Cragg Hall Mill NZ248672 Corn 1826
Newcastle Kingston Park Brunton Windmill NZ213697 NK NK
Newcastle Newcasle upon Tyne Mill NZ254646 NK 1611
Newcastle Newcasle upon Tyne Mill NZ252649 NK 1770
Newcastle Newcasle upon Tyne St Anns Mill NZ259643 NK 1807
Newcastle Newcasle upon Tyne Union Windmill NZ258647 NK 1827
Newcastle Newcastle Chimney Mills NZ240656 Corn 1649
Newcastle Newcastle Leases Mill NZ241651 NK 1828
Newcastle Newcastle New Mills NZ238649 NK NK
Newcastle Newcastle Shieldfield Mill NZ255648 Clay? 1809
Newcastle Newcastle Stepney Mill NZ259645 NK 1723
Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne (Darn Crook) Mill NZ244645 NK 1769
Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne Mill NZ262642 NK 1723
Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne Mill NZ245642 NK 1769
North Tyneside Benton Wapping NZ302697 NK 1828
North Tyneside Billy Mill Billy Mill NZ337691 NK 1769
North Tyneside North Shields Flatworth Mill NZ347669 NK NK
North Tyneside North Shields North Shields NZ343697 NK 1828
North Tyneside Tynemouth Tomlings Mill NZ361696 NK NK
Northumberland Acomb Acomb Windmill NY931662 Corn? 1796
Northumberland Amble Coquet Island Mill NU293045 Corn NK
Northumberland Amble Hauxley Mill NU268031 Corn 1663
Northumberland Ashington Hirst Castle Mill NZ284882 NK NK
Northumberland Bamburgh Bamburgh Castle Mill NU182352 NK NK
Northumberland Beadnell Beadnell Mill NU235293 Corn 1300
Northumberland Bedlington Bedlington (Petrie’s) Mill NZ263815 Corn 1821
Northumberland Bedlington Windmill Farm NZ258833 NK 1769
Northumberland Belford Belford Windmill NU114350 NK post 1769?
Northumberland Belford Spindleston (Outchester Farm) NU140334 Threshing? 1815
Northumberland Berwick upon Tweed Mill NU001530 NK NK
Northumberland Berwick upon Tweed Mill NU002521 NK 1610
Northumberland Blyth Blyth (Buckshill) NZ308824 NK 1827
Northumberland Blyth Blyth Post Mill (Bucksnook) NZ302824 Corn 1828
Northumberland Blyth Crofton Mills NZ307823 Corn 1828
Northumberland Broomhill Broomhill NU245004 Threshing? 1828
Northumberland Broomhill Woodside NZ239994 Threshing? 1828
Northumberland Chatton Chatton Quarry NU090393 Pumping? NK
Northumberland Chollerton Chollerton Farm NY933720 Farm use 1825
Northumberland Choppington Choppington NZ257831 NK NK
Northumberland Darras Hall Birney Hill Mill NZ147697 Corn 1727?
Northumberland Earsdon Earsdon NZ188936 NK 1828
Northumberland Great Whittington Great Whittington Windmill NZ015705 Corn 1828
Northumberland Haggerston Haggerston Windmill NU035436 Corn? NK
Northumberland Hexham Dipton Windmill NY927608 NK NK
Northumberland Hexham Hexham Windmill NY933649 NK 1769
Northumberland Hexham Mill (Windmill Hill) NY930642 NK NK
Northumberland Holburn Holburn Colliery NU057369 Pumping? NK
Northumberland Matfen Matfen Mill NZ044717 Corn 1769
Northumberland Meldon Meldon Farm NZ117839 Corn 1827
Northumberland Morpeth Morpeth Brick & Tile Works NZ196866 NK 1706
Northumberland Plessey Plessey Windmill NZ238789 NK 1769
Northumberland Scremeston Borewell Farm NU015494 Threshing 1828
Northumberland Scremeston Inland Pasture Farm NU014490 Threshing? 1828
Northumberland Scremeston Scremeston Limeworks NU030484 NK NK
Northumberland Scremeston Town Farm NU016479 Threshing 1828
Northumberland Seaton Sluice Golden Hole Mill NZ330748 NK 1769
Northumberland Seaton Sluice Hartley Windmill NZ337765 Corn 1297?
Northumberland Shadfen Dovecote Mill ? (Water?) NZ219857 NK NK
Northumberland Shoreswood Shoreswood Mill NT956463 Corn? NK
Northumberland South Dissington Pine Dean Folly Mill NZ129695 Folly – never mill n/a
Northumberland Tweedmouth Mill NT988528 NK NK
Northumberland Woodhorn Woodhorn Windmill NZ298893 Corn 1769
Redcar & Cleveland Coatham Coatham Mill NZ603252 Corn 1832
Redcar & Cleveland Coatham Marsh House Mill NZ579251 Corn pre 1771
Redcar & Cleveland Guisborough Guisborough Mill NZ610159 Corn 1346
Redcar & Cleveland Redcar Redcar Mill NZ609250 Corn 1801
South Tyneside Cleadon Cleadon Mill NZ389632 Corn NK
South Tyneside South Shields Hardings Hill Mill NZ361672 Corn NK
South Tyneside South Shields Laygate Mill NZ363662 Corn NK
South Tyneside South Shields Mill NZ35 66 NK 1827
South Tyneside West Boldon West Boldon NZ355612 Corn 1834
South Tyneside Whitburn Whitburn Mill NZ406626 Corn 1779
Stockton-on-Tees Egglescliffe Egglescliffe NZ417137 Corn 1644
Stockton-on-Tees Egglescliffe Egglescliffe Grange NZ412139 Corn 1857
Stockton-on-Tees Ingleby Barwick High Leven Mill NZ448125 Corn 1843
Stockton-on-Tees Ingleby Barwick Sober Hall Mill NZ447129 Corn 1843
Stockton-on-Tees Kirklevington Kirklevington Mill NZ423098 Corn 1314
Stockton-on-Tees Norton Mount Pleasant Mill NZ448206 Corn, puddling clay 1786
Stockton-on-Tees Norton Summerhouse Windmill NZ445219 Corn pre 1857
Stockton-on-Tees Stockton-on-Tees Hartburn Windmill NZ431179 Corn? NK
Stockton-on-Tees Stockton-on-Tees Lustring House Mill NZ436195 Corn 1840
Stockton-on-Tees Stockton-on-Tees Portrack Lane Windmill NZ449213 Corn 1818
Stockton-on-Tees Stockton-on-Tees Stockton New Mill NZ441191 Corn 1814
Stockton-on-Tees Thornaby-on-Tees Mandale Mill NZ460176 Corn 1800
Stockton-on-Tees Thornaby-on-Tees Thornaby Mill NZ451164 Corn 1275
Stockton-on-Tees Yarm Yarm Mill NZ417126 Corn 1145
Sunderland Grangetown Ryhope NZ412543 Corn 1840
Sunderland Hendon Hendon Stoup NZ410545 Corn NK
Sunderland Hetton-le-Hole Eppleton NZ369483 NK NK
Sunderland Houghton-le-Spring Houghton Windmill NZ343506 Corn 1840
Sunderland Houghton-le-Spring Warden Law NZ366503 NK 1840
Sunderland Monkwearmouth Monkwearmouth NZ390585 Corn 1826
Sunderland North Hylton North Hylton NZ348568 NK 1840
Sunderland Pennywell Grindon NZ348550 NK 1840
Sunderland Pennywell Hylton NZ359593 Corn 1840
Sunderland Penshaw Painshaw Mill NZ326529 Corn 1840
Sunderland Ryhope Ryhope NZ401525 NK NK
Sunderland Silksworth Silksworth NZ388529 NK NK
Sunderland Silksworth Silksworth NZ378532 NK NK
Sunderland Southwick Southwick NZ383588 NK 1840
Sunderland Sunderland Bishop Wearmouth NZ388564 Corn NK
Sunderland Sunderland Fulwell Windmill NZ392595 Corn 1807
Sunderland Sunderland Hendon NZ405565 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Hendon NZ407568 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Sunderland NZ385569 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Sunderland NZ383568 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Wearmouth NZ403585 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Windmill NZ404571 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Windmill NZ403571 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Windmill (east) NZ402571 NK NK
Sunderland Sunderland Windmill (west) NZ402571 NK NK
Sunderland Washington Washington NZ286570 Corn 1827


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